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Here's everything you need to know...

Hey Beautiful! Welcome! Here are all the details and a high level overview of what's included in the program... 

This program is for:


Women who are ready to take action towards the goal of becoming their best self, and be coachable! 


Women who are committed to shedding their old stories, and change their habits to serve them on their journey to becoming a Magnetic Woman

Women who wan to expand their confidence, to feel radical shifts in their self image. You are just a matter of weeks away from seeing a true QUEEN in the mirror!

Women who want to attract multiple high quality men into her life, one of whom will be your ideal partner! 

Women who want to THRIVE in life and love, and enjoy the relationship of her dreams!

This program is not for:

Men, sorry not sorry ;) 


People who are not willing to make radical shifts to make the absolute most of their life

People who are content with settling for less than they deserve 

People who don't honour their commitments to themselves or others 

People who want to be single forever 

People who don't enjoy dating, real talk, self improvement, or being held accountable to their goals

The details:

The program lasts for 10 weeks, and includes the following features:

1 x coaching call every week 

Access to the Magnetic Women Facebook Group

Resources and homework assignments to support  your progress between sessions

Unlimited Whatsapp support between coaching calls 

We will go deep into the stories you have about who you can and can't be, and what is or isn't available to you. If you're aware of your limiting beliefs, GREAT! We'll eradicate those and replace them with beliefs which will support and serve you becoming your best, most magnetic version. If you're not aware of any stories or limiting beliefs which have been holding you back, ALSO GREAT, we will find them and clear them right out of your way! 

We will examine your habits, and set you up with new, healthy, exciting, empowering habits which will support your becoming. 

We will work together to create a life which is rich full and juicy, and consciously manifest that dream man right into it, through a process of circular dating - trust me, you're going to LOVE this.

You will tap into your feminine energy, and feel more regal and empowered than ever! 

I never discuss price until we're sure we're a fit to work together, and if this sounds like what you're looking for, the next step is for us to connect on a quick inquiry call. Click the button below to book!

The outcome, and my promise to you:

You will become a better you than you ever imagined, have more breakthroughs than you right now know you need, and attract a higher quality man than you ever have before, and have more fun navigating life and love with a refreshed clarity of your needs, desires and boundaries, which will set you up for success in all aspects of life and love! 

When you become your best self, and you love and support yourself unconditionally, you become a vibrational match for a the high quality man of your dreams, and I will show you how to recognise him when he comes into your life, and how to magnetically attract him to you! Perhaps this man is someone you have already met, someone you are currently in a relationship with who hasn't discovered his potential yet, or someone new! If you're open to trusting the universe to deliver this man to you, it's time to activate that magnet!


What makes me so sure I can help you?


Because I transformed myself first... here is a supercut of my journey from a people pleasing, "body positive", masculine energy woman who felt anxious in romantic relationships, to a confident, physically fit, feminine energy woman in a loving relationship with the man I had the biggest crush on! 


 This journey began with me addressing my limiting beliefs on an identity level. Changing my habits, and stepping into my power to change and create myself, not just my environment. I became MAGNETIC to high quality men, and now I'm here to help you to become your best self and attract your dream guy too! 


If I can do it, so can you! 

Are you ready to start your transformation and become MAGNETIC?


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