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I'm Lizzie Dyson, Life & Love Coach & NLP Practitioner. 

It's my purpose and mission to empower women to heal from past relationship trauma, become the best versions of themselves, and THRIVE in life and love. Over years I have been developing my expertise in narc abuse recovery, spiritual healing, self love, quantum dating, manifestation, feminine energy, and conscious love, and now I'm ready to share all that I have learned with you! 


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Client Results

Lizzie has a wonderful way of making people feel loved and bringing so much acceptance and so much compassion to them, that by the end of working with her you can’t help but love yourself because you felt it so strongly throughout that whole experience, Lizzie enabled me to achieve some really amazing goals which I allowed myself a year to achieve, but I ended up being able to complete them within the 3 months that I worked with Lizzie. And I’m so so grateful for all of her hard work, all of her empathy and positivity and everything that she pours into working with her clients. She really is making lives better. Thank you Lizzie!

Chelsea C - Auckland NZ

Thank you Lizzie for the wonderful coaching. It always amazes me how much having you on my side helps me move through challenges that have stood in my way for so long. Your insight and support has been invaluable and I’m so grateful. 

Sophie L - Auckland NZ

During the first month of 2020, I saw a grey reflection of myself looking in the mirror, no colour, no excitement and no drive to live my best life. I'm a very proud and stubborn person and for someone to come into my life and help me with my weaknesses was out of the question. But after a consult call with you, I came to the realisation that if I continued with my own way of approaching life, I could expect the same results and that was not good enough for me because I knew deep down I had more potential. Lizzie I want to thank you. I now know the meaning of a life coach.... It's just that. You have coached me to life my best life. You have helped me build my confidence, you've helped me rearrange my thinking habits. Procrastination and self sabotage is now in the past. It's so much easier to stay positive and to set intentions. You've not only thought me how to envision a plan but how to make it a reality. I see the world with a different lens now. And the biggest thank you for helping me heal from my past, I didn't think NLP would work but OH MY WORD it has. Thank you for never judging me and always being there for me. Thank you for helping me love myself again. You are amazing and I am so thankful for the work that you do. You have changed my life and made it easier to smile again. I'm so excited to see what life has in store for me and will keep you posted!

Francis V - Auckland NZ

The thing that sets great coaches apart from good coaches, is the coaching practice a coach combines with a level of comfort, authenticity and empathy that serves someone no matter how vulnerable or stuck they feel in life. Lizzie's lovely warmth and presence made my time with her so fun and memorable. If you're looking for a coach who has transformed herself and is really here to listen and serve you with a fully heart led coaching program, I strongly encourage working with Lizzie and letting her guide you through whatever blocks you're facing in life. She makes talking about dating, self love, and acceptance in the space of feminine energy so fun and endearing, I'm a better version of myself for leaning in & taking this journey with her. Thank you Lizzie for holding magical space for me to tap into parts of me that were just waiting to show up in this world - lots of love!

Arneen A - Auckland NZ

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